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hollywood actors wallpapers/bollywood pictures/bollywood

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♥Hot Bollywood Actors♥

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video about bollywood hot actors^^
1.Dino Morea
2.John Abraham
3.Sohail Khan
4.Shahrukh Khan
5.Milind Soman
6.Arjun Rampal
7.Akshay Kumar
8.Vivek Oberoi
9.Zayed Khan
10.Abhishek Bachchan
11.Saif Ali Khan
12.Ajay Decgan
13.Hrithik Roshan
14.Shahid Kapoor
15.Uday Chopra

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50 Hot Actors!

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Here are pictures of 50 different actors from tv and movies! They are all gorgeous. Feel free to comment on your favourites. Song is a remix of Boney M songs and song in credits is Im a believer remix. Enjoy

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What are some hot male actors?

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I was wondering what some teen male actors were… i need one for a project. Please post any you know. :) thanks pictures with that would be great too

joe jonas
kevin jonas
nick jonas
zac efron
max thieroit
chance crawford

Who’s the hottest bollywood actor and actress?

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I go 4 Hrithik. I also like Kareena Kapoor.

remember me u chose me as a best ans in ur previous ques
and this time also hrithik is the hottest of all and ya karrena is also good.hrithik has got so much fame in such a short time.he is fantastic

Is it possible for a straight girl to have fantasies about hot female actors?

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I am a 21 yr old girl.I have always been attracted to guys and male bodies turn me on always. But I have been recently having crushes on Megan Fox and Britney Spears. I am regularly thinking about them and their charismatic personality.
I never find girls at all attractive in general but something about only these two singers is making me feel excited and I am also having wet dreams about them. Could this mean something? Plzz help.

yes, my best friend is straight and boy crazy, but even she can’t deny the powers of megan fox (: it doesn’t have to mean anything.

Black and White Pictures of Actors

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Black and White pictures of jake gyllenhaal, clive owen, viggo mortensen, gerard butler, wentworth miller, jared leto…

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Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is already a Chhoti Begum

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Visit for more Bollywood news and videos. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, known for her size zero figure, believes that marriage with beau Saif Ali Khan would just be a formality as the Pataudi family is already calling her as Chhoti Begum.

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Hottest Actors come from Australia

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Here are the hot and talented actors that come from Australia!

Idea From and Credit to:

Includes: Eric Bana, Hugh Jackman, Will Travel, Hugo Weaving and many more!

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Names of red haired teenaged actress and a blonde actor who is really hot!?

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I am writing a book and i am trying to find pictures of actors and actresses that look my characters. The girl needs to be a red head and kinda short and the guy needs to be blonde/ dirty blonde, really hot, great abs and is kinda tan becuase he spends alot of time at the beach!! thanks!!

Brad Pitt! or Phillipe Ryan